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Hi I’m Eleni! A Professional Certified KonMari™ Consultant

I am a professional organizer who specializes in the KonMari Method™. As a Certified KonMari™ Consultant I guide and support people through this life-changing journey while transforming their homes in the process.


I was born in Athens, Greece and I live in Athens. I am more of an artistic person, thus not an organized one by nature. As far as I remember myself I was always struggling to organize and keep my home tidy. And then the miracle happened!

A book! “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo had changed my home and life! I read the book and I tided and organized my home based on the KonMari Method™ and the results amazed me so much that I went to London, attended the seminar in April 2018 and after hours of practices and passing successfully the exams, became a KonMari™ Consultant, in order to help other people change their homes and lives too! For me it is a miraculous method, very easy to keep up with which will transform your home to the most joyful place on earth for you!

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