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"I thought I didn’t have enough space in my closets and drawers to store my clothes until Eleni came to my apartment in order to help me organize it.


With her support we tided my space and when we finished my apartment was very tidy and organized, my drawers were amazing, I would be able to find everything in a glance.


When the procedure came to the end there were one closet and two drawers left empty without discarding many things, because I'm not the kind of person that accumulates stuff. Only by storage them with the KonMari way, space appeared!


Since then, I'm not only keeping the original organization, but I organized my summer house the same way.

I strongly recommend Eleni."

Thomas Z. Athens

"Eleni is an amazing professional.

She’s a very kind, gifted, tireless and generous person. She helped me tremendously to clean my house and at the same time to clean myself from the past. With her accurate guidance and wonderful ideas, I found the way and the courage to give away things I didn’t need but I had accumulated, which were a real burden practically and emotionally.

So the procedure applied by Eleni was at the same time a total psychotherapy which made me feel lighter and happy. Although I had heard a couple of years ago about Marie Kondo and I have read her book, it was impossible to apply the method without Eleni's help.

The light entered in my house and closets and in me at the same time!


Thank you Eleni so much for your excellent work.

I will be always grateful."

D.T. Athens

When first started to follow Marie Kondo's methodology, thanks to Eleni, I realized that I had to rearrange my whole wardrobe. In order to do that of course, I had to take out all my clothes and accessories and place them somewhere safely so to be able for me to see what I own. The most shocking part was that I was sure that I didn't have so many things, however I was proven wrong.

Organizing and tidying up my wardrobe based on Marie Kondo's method, helped me to save a lot of space and undoubtedly gave me the opportunity to wear all my clothes and not just the ones on the top.

In addition to this, I ended up keeping only the stuff that I really love and add joy to my days.

Overall, I am extremely pleased using this method to simplify and organize my wardrobes and my bedroom in general.
During this process, I realized that this change had a great impact not only to my bedroom and my wardrobes but to myself as well, and it changed the whole perspective in my everyday life and my shopping habits.

Erietta E. Athens

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